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Groups and individuals can book a tour of all our facilities. We can adapt arrangements according to your own wishes.

Price for a tour is NOK. NOK 1,250 (per 25 people).
There are ticket prices

Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance and special needs must be reported when booking.

It is not possible to book a tour on Fridays.

Contact the museum on telephone 32 20 09 30 or by e-mail for bookings of guided tours and group visits.

We offer the following tours:

20th century. Objects of modern life

The museum's new permanent exhibition «1900s. Objects for modern life »shows handicrafts, art industry and industrial design from the end of the 19th century until our own time. These are objects that have brought new form into the homes of the modern people of the 20th century. 

Does time have a form? We will look at how the things we have surrounded ourselves with over the last hundred years have changed form and use as society's forms of production and ways of life have changed.

Objects for life

In this permanent collection we find peasant furniture and objects. This culture is seen as a carrier of "the Norwegian" and tradition. We have read out the values, myths and history of the culture of the farming community.

Glow and shine

In the exhibition "Mica and Benefit", we find interiors from the home of the big bourgeoisie in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is related to European fashions in fleeting and continuous change. Of bourgeois imports we read perishability, vanity and abundance.


The Nøstetangen room shows glass art from the 18th century with the Bacchus trophy engraved by HG Köhler as the highlight. Here is also a large collection of the rare Drammens faience, in addition to magnificent pieces of silver mugs and pewter.

The permanent gallery

The permanent gallery shows Norwegian painting from JC Dahl to the present day. In the ten colored cabinets, small art historical environments have been created.

Temporary exhibitions

The museum has temporary exhibitions both in the Lyche pavilion and in the main building, see on our website which exhibitions are relevant during the period you are planning a visit here.


Hallingtunet is a constructed farmyard from Hallingdal. It consists of five buildings. We offer a tour where we tell about the functions of the houses and a little about how people lived in the old farming community.

Everyday horse and holiday horse

Open to the public all summer.

Villandstallen at Hallingtunet is a traditional combination of stable and barn with cool on the second floor. It was built in Hol in 1720. 200 years later, the building was taken down and rebuilt on Marienlyst, where it stands today. This permanent exhibition about the farmer's horse was completed for the stable's 300th anniversary in 2020. The exhibition shows the horse in its two functions: On the ground floor as a work horse, on the second floor as a holiday horse.

Cyclical time at Hallingtunet

Open to the public all summer.

The attic at Drammens Museum once stood on the farm Rue in Hol in Hallingdal. It is nicely patched and the interior is decorated with both woodcut and rose paint. In the attic we have made a small exhibition about the cyclical time. One part of the exhibition is based on the prim rods. The second part of the exhibition illustrates the life cycle with photographs of the family on Rue.