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The historic garden at Marienlyst dates from about 1790. It is a formal garden divided into four fields with useful and delightful planting.

The historic garden is organized around an axis that runs in the middle of the facility from the gazebo, into the garden room in the house and ends in the four-winged facility, the gazebo Gamle Marienlyst. This simple garden form shows the importance of the interaction between the buildings and the garden facility that was created as an integral part of the farm.

The garden has undergone changes and had more romantic and free-growing versions, and more sober and strict expressions. The way the garden looks today is the result of a garden archaeological survey. But the basic structure has always been decisive, and it shows that the citizens of Drammen were familiar with international trends in both gardening and architecture. The shape, the four-part, symmetrical garden, dates back to ancient paradise gardens in the Middle East and Asia.

So strong is this form, that when architect C. F. Arbo planned the museum building and the neoclassical garden in the late 1920s, he continued this form and adhered strictly to the axis. Therefore, the bronze door is in the center of the facade of the Museum building in a straight line to the door in the gazebo that was built 140 years earlier.

Opening hours:
The historic garden is open every day of the year.

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