Austad Manor park

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The park at Austad Gård differs from the formal, geometric seas in that the park there is located on a hill, with a natural fall.

The main house is a classic early 19th century, while the extension to the courtyard is neo-baroque. Austad Gård was part of a large farm with agricultural buildings on the south side of the house and courtyard. The square south of the entrance is a so-called "House court" and it is surrounded by a straight, rectangular row of trees. Today, the fabulously impressive avenue has no logical connection with the house and the farm, but it draws a clear, natural curve along the elevation in the landscape that forms a natural basis for a pedestrian and driveway.  

That the ideals behind this simple garden are the landscape garden's attempt to emphasize an organic and romantic / picturesque "naturalness", we see from how seamlessly it slides into Bikkjestykket. It is the topography of the place that here governs the park shape.

Opening hours:
The park is open daily throughout the year.

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